NEW INC Creative Science Track: Project by Anastasiia Raina

Augmented Reality, High-Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography of the Atlantic Green Sea Urchin

With rising seawater temperatures and ocean acidification that threaten the survival of numerous aquatic species, sea urchin is emerging as one of the most climate-resilient organisms capable of adapting to warming seawater conditions. Urchin Futures augmented reality experience imagines shifting urchin morphologies as they compensate for rising temperatures, making the effects of climate change visible to the human eye. Urchin Futures project proposes introducing the Atlantic green sea urchin into New England’s aquacultures to guarantee food supply amidst climate change.

Special thanks to NEW INC, NEW INC Creative Science track members, Meredith Binnette and Dr. Coleen Suckling. Supported by Science Sandbox and MIT Media Lab Space Exploration Initiative

AR by Meredith Binnette
Exhibition production by Lauren Goshinski with an incredible team Tony, Taly, Ingemar and Eric.
Curation by Raul Zbengheci and Salome Asega
Hand Model-Raul Zbengheci
Photo by Isaiah Winters

I built three world AR experiences within Meta Spark for this installation. 

Meant to be hovering over the East River, and especially striking at night, these forms were created by vertex displacement derived from Urchin CT scans and cross sections. It is always a pleasure to work with Anastasiia as I leave every project with a new understanding of our connections with the natural world. Urchins are fascinating little creatures.