SNAP PARTNER SUMMIT 2023Way back in 2020, Snap decided to make a physical sculpture out of my Lens “Good Mornin’ Coffee” for the floor at SPS 2020. That didn’t quite go as planned with the global pandemic, and with more important things to worry about, I assumed the sculpture was never made. 

But I was so wrong. Now as Snap prepared for the first in-person Summit since 2019, they revealed to me that the coffee sculpture has been ready to go for years. In that time, Snap has developed a ton of new technology, including custom landmarker lenses. We realized the sculpture would be a perfect test for custom landmarkers, and the coffee cup would finally get the spotlight.

PROCEDURAL SHADERSThe main challenge to this project was mapping a procedural shader on top of the existing statue. Using the 3D scan straight from the statue, I modeled some geometry to sit on top, and created a very large shader graph to handle 4 different materials scrolling during a choreographed animation.